“Yacht Club” hotel offer you a unique sail on board a yacht along the Southern Coast of the Crimea. Yachting is a real adventure. What do you need to feel a real sailor? A rolling deck under your feet, fresh breeze at dawn, a good passenger’s lounge with a skilled cook, a glass of rum and crying seagulls behind the stern… If you are for high speed and strong wind, then “Yacht Club” is eager to offer you high-speed hydrocycles. You will rush along the most beautiful shores of the Black Sea and get unforgettable impressions from the quick race.

Dolphins are among the cleverest creatures in the world. You will be able not only to watch their performance but also to touch them, swim and play a ball game with them, and even feel a part of their group. Being the centre of these animals’ attention will make you and your children exhilarated — the moments will last for ever in your life.

Diving is a chance to explore the sea’s depths and to touch upon history and see the traces of the distant past. Diving at the Crimean coast is interesting both for freshmen and experienced divers. The diversity of the sub-water landscapes caused by tectonic breaching and volcanic eruptions, a great number of utensils and other artifacts of the distant past — everything is within an easy reach. “Yacht Club”’s diving centre is located on our beach. Assisted by skilled instructors, you can scuba in the Black Sea, become a skilled diver and get an international PADI certificate.

Aquapark is a relatively new but very interesting type of popular rest. Geysers’ powerful spurts, glistening fountains, steep curves of racing–tracks and waterfalls’ crystal streams will make children and adults joyful and delighted.

Even in the times of the ancient civilizations people tasted wine trying to value its quality and the ability to keep this quality for years. Tasting Crimean wines you will enjoy the bouquet of fine aromas and appreciate their high quality. Coming to know the Crimean wine is an enjoyable experience and you will undoubtedly agree with this and sip our wine till the last drop in your glass.

Staying at “Yacht Club” you will be able to enjoy fishing (apart from the sea, the Crimea boasts various small but picturesque lakes). Stories about fishing may be endless, since the topic is immense and boundless — but personal experience is better than any story. Our guests can not only fish but also eat their catch after it has been cooked by our best cooks.

The wooded territory of the Crimea presents a great interest for hikers and hunters. “Yacht Club” organizes hunting tours for its guests: we know the best locations to hunt pigeons, quails, pheasants, woodcocks, ducks, hares, wild goats, deer and wild boars. You will be assisted by professional huntsmen. We register all the necessary documents officially and provide reliable off–road vehicles, hounds, sporting guns and ammunition.

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